Dear friends and neighbours in Whiddon Valley,

Well! It's all over! The placards will now come down and the leaftlets appealing for your vote will cease to come through your doors. For another few years you will not have to live with multicoured Party Political leaflets clamouring for your attention.

The Election is over - or is it? Do we stop making choices now? Are there not many situations in which we have to choose between one thing and another?

In some things we have no choice - but in many we do and have to know what to choose. For instance we choose between bad and good, right and wrong. Thankfully we have been created with the capacity to know the difference between them. So if we do wrong it is our choice.

We can choose whether to believe in God and take Him seriously or not. Again we have been created with the capacity to relate to our creator or choose to ignor and reject Him.

A famous General of the armies of Israel once addressed his people after a resounding victory in battle. He said this "If it seems evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served ... or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15. This man Joshua chose an unswerving loyalty to the Lord God. Today Christians have a personal relationship with the Lord God through Jesus Christ. This relationship comes about when they repent (turn away from and abandon) from their wrong choices in life (called sin) and follow the footsteps of Christ the perfect man. They then realise that God has chosen them, as He chose Israel, to be His people.

We start off life knowing none of this amazing fact that God elects some to eternal life from amongst all who willingly choose death and punishment in hell. But because God loves His people He comes to them at a point in their lives, discloses Himself to them, and they apparently choose to follow Him.

Has this election come to you yet? Have you chosen life or death? Make sure that your choices are right choices!

With warm wishes to everyone in Whiddon Valley.

Yours sincerely


Faking It

Some Folks are desperate to prove that Evolution is right and Biblical Creation is an outdated myth clung to by a minority who refuse to see things as they really are. In order to prove they are right they are not afraid to provide the evidence, when 'nature' itself has not done so. The following article appeared in Creation magazine Vol. 23 No. 3 June - August 2001 and illustrates this point.

Recently there have been reports of two fossils that are not all they appear to be! The first one is the remains of a swimming reptile, an Ichthyosaurus in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. This fossil has been viewed by thousands, if not millions, of visitors to that museum. Last autumn it was decided to clean the specimen, and when the technicians started to do so, they found that some of the bones were made of plaster of Paris that had been covered by five layers of paint to make them look like fossil bones! Furthermore this particular fossil Ichthyosaurus was in fact made up from two different specimens! As Dr. Caroline Butler the museum conservator said: 'it was an amalgam of two different types of Ichthyosaurus plus a clever attempt at fake parts.' The museum plans to put the Ichthyosaurus back on display as an example of Victorian forgery. How many other forgeries are on display in the natural history museums around the world?

The other fossil that is not all it appears to be is the famous Triceratops dinosaur (or 'Mr. T' as he is affectionately known) on display in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution in the USA. In a recent report in National Geographic, it was revealed that this specimen was assembled in 1905 from the bones of 14 different animals! Furthermore it has feet from a totally different dinosaur - a duck billed one!

Again the question must be put: how many other fossils on display in our museums are the result of assemblage of many different animals?

One thing these reports teach us is that we should be wary of what we see in museums and not accept what we are told as necessarily being the truth - we might be looking at yet another attempt to provide 'evidence' in support of the theory of evolution. Although these two fossil reconstructions were probably not intended to deceive in the manner of the Achaeoraptor ('dino-bird') and Piltdown Man forgeries. They highlight the uncertainty surrounding claims about past appearence, diet, etc., based on little more than skeletal evidence.

Consequently let us base all our thinking on a reliable eyewitness account (God's Word) of what really happened in the past. Animals were created to reproduce after their own kind no evolution has taken place.


It's just a student thing - you'll grow out of it'. This was said to me 15 years ago when I became a Christian. I had never met any Christians before I went to university and was quite annoyed to find myself allocated a room in a student house with a bunch of 'keen' Christians. It did not fit with my image of myself as a forward-thinking radical - atheist, feminist, anti-nuclear campaigner. However, I became aware that I was really a dishonest atheist, dismissing God and his book, the Bible, without ever finding anything out about either. So, I tried to read the Bible and found I couldn't understand any of it - this was very humbling, as I thought there was nothing I couldn't do! I was helped by a local church and even went along to a few services and became convinced that this was something very real - yes, the world did need saving. I only realised that I needed saving from my sin whilst travelling around Europe on my own. I found that I just kept breaking God's rules again and again - the harder I tried, the more obvious became my failure and I ended up realising that I needed forgiveness and had no chance of a place in Heaven with God, without the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God - He came to Earth and suffered death in my place, and because He did that, God will not punish me, even though that is what I deserve.

Diane Holland