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Allain Thompson (allain_thompson@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:Tue 13 Sep 2011 12:50:21 BST
Subject:Contacting David Kay
 Hello David, I hope that you and the family are well. I saw your website and thought I would write a quick note to say hello. Tina & I are still living in Australia although I always have plans to move home :) If you get a spare minute it would be lovely to hear from you. Allain

Prasad Rao (ambassador1977@gmail.com)
Date:Mon 04 Jul 2011 12:13:04 BST
Subject:Information !
 dear Pastor & Church I bless the name of God for what He is doing in our lives, His faithfulness and unflinching love has brought us this far. Having abolished death in His flesh, He made us partakers of His divine nature which can not be understood by any human mind. He took us out of the perishing world and brought us to His ever undying love. Blessed be His holy name. It is in the line of doing His will that I receive the call to serve Him in building up children for Him here in India, it is not a common thing here to see many Christian but God has proved to us that all flesh are His, hence the call to work for Him in this regard. The ministry has been helping many souls to accept Christ at a tender age and also to build up the body of Christ. But one of those things we have been challenged with is enough resources to take care of them as we are responsible for their education, clothing, and gift for them on occasions like Christmas and other Christian celebrations. We need financial assistance to encourage these children and to accomplish the task. The harvest is so great here, and thus desperately we look forward your hand to join us in reaching tribes of Orissa and transforming them in the power of the Gospel. We as mission into:- 1. Tribal Transformation 2. Church Planting 3. Children's Home 4. Scholarship for Indian Missionaries' Kids We are Team of a. 15 Missionaries in Orissa b. 6 Destitute Kids c. 20 Missionaries' Kids ( Receiving Scholarship) Mission looking towards a person like you. Would you be willing to a part of such growing mission? Please view through the below link and help us reaching the unreached. www.ganayakafoundation.jimdo.com yours in His Mission Rev. Prasad Rao

John Pelton (johnpelton_21@yahoo.com)
Date:Mon 09 Aug 2010 12:07:37 BST
Subject:Requesting Christian fellowship
 Requesting Christian fellowship with born again believers of England. [I ain't looking for any financial support. I only want genuine friendship in Christ.] God's abundant blessings!

jaeg Patrick (patrick.jaeg@wanadoo.fr)
Date:Sat 17 Oct 2009 19:24:40 BST
 Dear Mister and reverend Kay I am so glad to hear your sermons ; it is every time the occasion to praise God for His indicible and unexpressible Gift : Jesus made man . I hope you'll persevere in the knowledge of Christ; that you will receive even more of the drops of the open fontain of life and sustain unto salvation , sanctification with the help of the Holy Ghost my fellow brothers and sisters . You are maybe not aware that we are in France sufferers because of lacking to hear the word of God in all its fullness , truth and even more important with the unction of the Holy Spirit . You can be assured of my sharing of your preaching and I'll pray that your words may be salted with the might of the Spirit of the Lord . You and family and flock are so precious to me . With a brotherly affection . Patrick

Brad Grace (brad.grace@baesystems.com)
Date:Thu 28 Aug 2008 10:23:48 BST
Subject:Robert Cleaver Chapman
 The article on Rovert Chapman and your message of salvation in Spring 1999's edition of your Church Magazine is excellent. Ive added it as into the reference library section of Robert Chapman's wikipedia entry. Hopefully Spring 1999's edition will stay on your website as I dont really want to pinch any words from the edition and add it to wikipedia. (Its against wikipedia's rules)

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