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WHIDDON VALLEY EVANGELICAL CHURCH was opened on 15th August 1987. The church was formerly known as Rackfield Evangelical Mission and was situated at Rackfield off Boutport Street. The work commenced in about 1890 as the Rackfield Welcome Mission. It appears that the Stangers and the Bowdens were together responsible for the beginning of the work. Mr W. H. Stanger was leader of the Mission until his death in 1926 when Mrs Stanger carried on the work until her death in 1949. The work was then led by Mr John Ovey until Mr Stanley F. Dawe was appointed Superintendent in June 1974 under the auspices of the FIEC Home Missions. He later became Minister. The work at Rackfield came to an end on 9th February 1986 when the building was compulsorily purchased by the Devon County Council in order to build a new road. The church met temporarily at the Forches and Whiddon Valley Community Centre until the new building at Whiddon Valley was ready for occupation.

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