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A Great Mistake

A Great Mistake

In St. Mark's gospel in the bible in chapter 8 the Lord Jesus Christ is recorded as saying “what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul ?” What I ask, could be a greater mistake than to lose one's own soul?

We all make mistakes, day after day and for a vast range of reasons. To err is human, so said Alexander Pope. We find ourselves saying “how silly of me?” Some mistakes are mere trifles which are laughed off, others sadly have lasting consequences while some make for tragedy, leading to deep regret.

Human error, and mistakes, can result in damaged lives, can destroy relationships and can even lead to war between nations, as we are being warned at present due to international tension. Here I wish to call your attention to a very great mistake which is being made by so many, though the bible clearly warns against it, namely – the loss of one's soul by refusing God's offer of mercy. This physical body must die but what then? The Bible tells us plainly 'it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment'. Hebrews 9 v27. No amount of trying will silence that inward voice which tells you, you have an immortal soul.

Here we will look at just 3 reasons why folk make this mistake, there are many others but these 3 are proffered 'ad infinitum'.


Oh! I didn't know.” Many mistakes are made through ignorance. However nobody can plead ignorance when it comes to their soul’s wewell-being for the Lord God, in his mercy, has made sure that we have all the evidence we need round about us. St. Paul goes so far as to say we are “without excuse”. I will quote the whole verse which is found in the bible book of Romans in ch.1 and verse 19, which reads – “Because that which may be known of God is manifest ( obvious ) in them; for God hath shewed it to them”, - the following verse explains that God is revealed in all of nature which demonstrates his 'power and Godhead'. Oh! We know all right, ignorance cannot be pleaded.

I am confident that you who read this know too that the Almighty God has gone further and revealed who he is in the person of Jesus Christ. The meaning of Jesus' life, death and resurrection with all its implications is 'no secret' so how can you plead ignorance?

To make mistake here is to defy the Almighty wilfully. God's word, the bible tells us clearly that “Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners” 1 Timothy Ch 1 v15. Your soul can be a 'saved' soul when you repent and believe in Jesus the Saviour.

Make no mistake.


If like me you are honest here, you will confess that through sheer neglect things were left undone which should have been done, the consequences of which proved costly. We look back and say “I made a mistake”. Numerous examples come to mind, “don't leave your car there, it will get hit” sure enough the scratch remains as proof. The roof tile which should have been replaced resulted in greater damage, etc. The Bible often warns against sloth/laziness. We must take our responsibilities seriously. How serious are you about your soul? This is no trifling matter; your eternal destiny is at stake.

To lose one's own soul through neglect would indeed, 'will' lead to eternal regret. So, I ask, how serious are you really? Have you been neglecting your soul? There is an account of a prophet of God in the Old Testament of the Bible, he preached and preached for years but people took no heed of his warnings, then a great flood came and they all perished.

To neglect the care of your soul is indeed a great mistake but to ensure its safety by accepting Jesus as your Saviour brings joy beyond human telling.


Some other time, perhaps later, sadly we all know of this mistake. If only I had done it then! How tempting it is to make this mistake of putting things on 'the long finger'. Procrastination has been the downfall of so many who now live with regret. How tragic it will be if you make this mistake about your soul. Yes you ‘may gain the whole world’ but will you settle the matter of your soul now?

The Lord Jesus told of a wealthy man, he had great riches and said to himself “I have much laid up for many years, I can eat drink and be merry”. But God said to him “Thou fool, this night thy soul will be required of thee”. We have no guarantee of tomorrow, life can be very brief. There is no room for the mistake of procrastination.

The words of an old Christian hymn come to mind and I will share it with you;

Time at best is very brief, like the falling of a leaf,

Like the binding of a sheaf, be in time, be in time

When the voice of Jesus calls you, be in time.

If in sin you longer wait, you may find no open gate,

And your cry be just too late, Be in time.

The Bible tells us that “Now is the day of salvation”. Oh! Reader make no mistake, plead with God today, and ask Him to save your soul before it is too late. For “what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

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